Game Features

Being strong takes effort.
Each user in the game has a main space station. Players can spend pleasant moments in space stations and progress according to their own strategies.
The game has its own gems. These are mainly 'SCRAP', 'TERNUM', 'ERASUM', 'ICEMON', 'REXAON', 'CHRONUM', 'XEONID'.
'SCRAP': The waste in space is garbage and scrap. It can be processed for recycling and used for some upgrades.
'TERNUM': It is perishable material on the planet's surface. Its new form is 'GROK' by being processed by a chemist. It can be used in power-ups and material production.
'ERASUM': It is the material formed as a result of the chemical reaction of some materials with an indefinite identity. Its new form is 'ELIS' when processed at the chemist.
'ICEMON': They are medium quality space stones. They usually have a hard mold and are difficult to remove. Its new form is 'AQUA' when processed in a chemist. It can be used in the production of quality materials.
'REXAON': They are the jewels of space. It is shaped like an egg. A scorpion-shaped material is hidden behind their glossy surfaces. It is used in making quality materials. Its new form is 'SCORP' when traded in a chemist.
'KRONUM': It is a material formed by exposure to very cold temperatures from very high temperatures. It is much harder than steel and almost impossible to break. They are very rare. Its new form is 'CYLOS' when processed in a chemist.
'XEONID': After the major planets explode, some of their energies continue to live. 'XEONID' are the energies of the planets. It is very rare to find. But the most important power cores in space can be produced with it. Its new form after processing at the chemist is 'XENOU'.
The alchemist takes stones of poor quality for you and returns them to you in their improved form.
In addition to these, you have a huge miner robot named 'PHONIX' that you can assign weekly.
Thanks to 'PHONIX' you have the chance to directly dig gems weekly and the best part is that all you have to do to improve this robot is to use your space junk.
Spaceships have different and varied features. While some mine better MYCTY Tokens and gems, the upgrade and return costs are high.
Others have lower upgrade costs but cannot find every space stone.
Let's get to know our ships briefly;
'COLOMBIA': It is a small, fast, under-capacity but agile spaceship. He can't collect various space stones because he is not technologically superior.
'LUNA': Unlike 'COLOMBIA', it is a bit more technological, but not as agile. Compared to this, the supplement has better stone removal ability.
'ATLANTIS': Atlantis, which is equipped with less weapons besides being small, is better in terms of abilities. Thanks to this feature, it can find solid stone pieces.
'SPUTNIK': Large and durable but slow. Due to its good technology, it can reach more special space stones. Those who see this majestic spaceship in the universe should think again.
'APOLLO': Although it is agile, it is fragile. His superior abilities allow him to find much more detailed space stones. Thanks to its high technology, it is a good hunter and explorer.
Each station has a combination of upgradeable and customizable abilities. Bonus features can be obtained by integrating them into the station.
Users can develop according to their own strategies and depending on their progress and methods.
Space technologies are difficult to obtain. Users can produce by processing gemstones and productions may fail.
There are three main types of technology. a) Defense and protection b) Support and debuff c) Aggressive and power
Defense and Protection It contains the essentials to escape and endure. Thanks to its high-level defense systems, it can block the most devastating attacks and counterattack.
Support and Debuff Faster repairs and refurbishments. Various strategies can be determined with the help of additional reinforcements. By sending debuffs to enemies, you can disable systems and catch them by surprise.
Aggressive and Power It is a form of technology brought about by destruction and death. Brutal power-ups and attacks can be made. But too much aggression has negative consequences.
Every space station has its main hub. Here users can perform various actions. Crafting, Alcemist, inventory and market are managed here. This is the headquarters of your space station.
Stay tuned for the continuation, new features will be announced as the game is developed.