About the game

Welcome to MyCryptoCity! Play and relive in the exciting city of outer space, rise to build the biggest colony ever! Face exciting challenges to earn as much money as possible. Expand your "Space Station", dig gems, rule the colony, grow, become strong. Build a space empire, manufacture, control and manage your technology and convert it into MYCTY token.
  • Build your own space city and explore various areas.
  • You can upgrade and stake your ships.
  • Collect gems and trade them.
  • Produce functional special items using your production workshop.
  • Compete with your opponents for the grand prize in the ranking.
  • Catch seasonal specials by participating in special events, and earn nice bonuses.
  • Start from scratch and use your ability to manage the entire space city step by step.
  • The unique space emperor ranking system allows you to complete certain upgrade requirements and consume related resources to increase your colony.
  • Start now and build the MYCTY space city.
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