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MYCTY is a mobile metaverse-crypto game built on the BSC network. In space stations, players can upgrade their ships, collect gems, trade, craft, sell items or participate in battles. If they wish, they can stake MYCTY Token within the game.
It is designed to support the long-term sustainability of MyCryptoCity gaming and governance, and to provide players with a blockchain gaming experience. The purpose of this design; to benefit from blockchain in the playground and enable users to actively use MYCTY tokens.
My Crypto City is a professional space themed online multiplayer space station development game that is compatible with various platforms such as Android, harmony Os, IOS and webgl. The My Crypto City application works integratedly for every device. You can login multiple times from any device you want. It encompasses all types of Strategy, Development and economics, Trading, Crafting and PVP, and reveals a lot to explore. There are many actions users can take. You may be working at an intense pace, the strategy type may be more inclined to you. You can PVP on your days off. You can join and lead community terrain battles for action. MYCTY goes to great lengths to host so many domains.
For some reward programs, you can make transactions without taking your time; You can put your tokens into the prize pool from within the application. You can craft and sell unique items in the marketplace for MYCTY tokens. We can list these categories as follows; Prize Pool You can stake your tokens by placing them in the prize pool.
Items with Prize Pool Valuable items in your possession may have direct effects on the prize pool. For example; Solar gas added to a storage tank on the space station can give you additional bonuses such as an extra +2% APY.
Each item has its own unique features, some have their own stocks and are consumable items. For example; A "mars rarity emerald sand" you find in planet exploration can give your ships additional travel speed for a certain distance.
Features Users Can Do in-Game
Space station Users can develop their own space stations. There are various skills on stations. In short, stations have active and passive talent pools. Additional suitable valuable items can be added to the engine section within the stations and can gain contribution bonus.
Planets Users can explore planets with scouts and props. Planets may harbor different dangers according to the risk types.
Elementary Planets: Here you can find simple items.
Normal Level Planets: Here, there can be found items from the simple level that have more superior features. The level of risk is moderate and the survivability of scout ships will vary.
Superior Planets: These are risky planets that ships with more advanced technology and equipped with additional equipment can reach. Explorations can yield great rewards and equipment, whether unique or valuable. However, depending on the size of the risk and the hazards that may be encountered, your ships may be subject to a highly reduced survivability.
Space Supremacy, Space Lands Users can own a limited number of lands. The lands will have additional features according to their types. Lands can be exchanged between users, just like items. In other words, it can be bought and sold between users with the game currency MYCTY. Some different types of public pvp terrains are hacked and change hands. They will be established with the aim of providing inter-clan bonuses for the community.
Crafting Users can craft some materials they find on their own space stations to turn them into more valuable or functional features. The workshop that can be crafted has its own level. Workshops with lower levels will have less success. The craft workshop can be strengthened more thanks to the cores in itself.
PVP Users can navigate, fight and collect gems in the pvp area with an elite ship they have created. Destroying your ship in the PVP area means losing the collected materials inside the spaceship. Or you can loot a ship you destroyed. Some NPCs will be found in this area. Depending on the events, you may have to struggle to earn a valuable unique item.
My Crypto City is trying to be designed to be active at all times by using the technology of our current age. Every step is organized in a way that is future-oriented and has the ability to retain users. The popularity of crypto will rise considerably as the online fighting culture of the users will be combined with crypto and allow people who are not related to crypto to play the game.
Tokenomic My Crypto City will not ask for shares on DEX exchanges. It has a pool completely focused on user ergonomics. MYCTY token, which is only 1% of the total token supply, will be added to the liquidity and will appear with high volume. The biggest share of Tokenomic is based on play and win and it is planned to go on for years. See the Tokenomic chart here;
Token Sale Information
Fund Disruption My Crypto City fund distribution is focused on the mobile market and the crypto market. See;
One of the most striking features of MMO games is not being valued by giving money, but the achievements gained through effort and the advanced age in the game. We are preparing My Crypto City game to make it worthwhile according to users' efforts. Thus, both the market area and an infrastructure that can last for years will be prepared. The interface will be plain simple and with multiple language options. Diversity does not mean it is useless or confusing, but rather it will be designed to appear valuable and interesting.
In order to increase popularity, My Crypto City prepares the infrastructure for good sharing for social media within the application.
My Crypto City will only make listing requests to popular exchanges according to the project budget so that the coin is available from anywhere. (such as PancekeSwap, Mexc,, Kukoin, Probit, Binance)